Solo traveling in Sri lanka you must book a hiking trip here! All you need to do is click the button below, provide the necessary information, and you’ll be emailed the ebook. A complete guide to backpacking in Sri Lanka. I was happy during my seven days tour in Sri Lanka. The rain is the main thing you’re going to tussle with during your travels within Sri Lanka. Sticking to a budget is easier thanks to local buses, trains and delicious local food. We’ll get to that. Although demonisation of LGBTQ locals is common. Also, one of the best places in Sri Lanka… sort off. Otherwise, you’re looking at more of Sri Lanka’s best beaches along with some of its best beach hotels. Allow £35 a day if you are travelling Sri Lanka alone on a budget and staying in cheap accommodations (more if you … Related Article: Sri Lanka: Best Kept Secret of the Indian Ocean. Show them some TLC: they need it. It is where there is one surf school after another, and a quaint little town that is close enough to go to Galle for a day by tuk tuk. Ok, this recommendation is a hit-and-miss for some people. They’ll figure out your Sri Lankan driver’s licence (it’s a lot easier than you may have heard), sort out your insurance, and give you a jam-packed instruction booklet on… well… everything! Many greener travellers that I’ve met (usually just on a short trip to Sri Lanka) often still struggle with connecting with the local people. Overall, this is run-of-the-mill ‘how to travel safely’ stuff. Moral of the story: invest in travel insurance before you head out into the wilds, people!“. In this case, only the appropriate clothing and the essentials will do. Find out more…. I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. Otherwise, just a few words to use when you make some mates: “Today I’m going to stay in the hostel and read.” Six hours and three joints later, two pages were read. Their tours to Sri Lanka start from 7 day Sailing Sri Lanka, to a 14 day Sri Lanka Land & Sea tour. It may just be the best hostel in Sri Lanka. They’re also considerably more excruciating. There’s no nightlife in Kandy and the typical places to go kind of top out at “Oh, yah, that’s cool.”. I saved here for last because, if you’re anything like me, mountains help you decompress after all those beaches. Be a damn traveller. Feel Free Travel is the perfect way to experience Sri Lanka while making new friends on the trip of a lifetime. This is a result of trying to pack in most of the places accessible to backpackers in a single itinerary while giving each destination as much breathing space as I could afford, given the limited time. Check insurance cover and prices for True Traveller. Snap a photo and you’ll be accosted for cash. Follow the previously outlined south coast itinerary taking as much time as you want cause that’s your style! There were joints and middle-of-nowhere-rotis. It’s a small island – travelling Sri Lanka is a breeze – and dotted around the island, you have Sri Lanka’s ‘best places to go’: the tourist bubbles. This place is simply gorgeous. I still, however, have picked up some phrases and a minimal understanding of the grammar of Sinhala (Sinhalese). You’re also not looking at India-level mobile data, but again, it’s serviceable. February 3, 2015 Asia, Solo Backpacking, Sri Lanka, Woman Traveller. Love what we do? Used to be one of the few hippie places in Sri Lanka. How you’re getting in, how you’re getting around Sri Lanka, and, then, how you’re getting out again. This means that the peak season for Sri Lanka’s south coast is in the winter and it gets busy. Close to Kandy is the Knuckles Mountain Range, and, oh boy, it’s a goodun. All companies included have been recommended by solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. The main ethnicities in Sri Lanka are split into three groups. Two months in Sri Lanka will allow you to take it slow and spend more time in quaint beach hamlets and stunning hill country towns. Habit For Humanity – Become a Global Village Volunteer and help low-income families in Sri Lanka on a homebuilding project. Na, I’m just kidding; tips are for everyone. They’ve still got the classic South Asia soul-burning stare but, generally, they come across as a bit shier. As for the hill country? Then it’s time to commit because the Elephant Foundation accepts volunteers too! Give the people what they want! Oh, and the WiFi is inexplicably excellent! Originally planned for a fortnight, my visit to Sri Lanka lasted 23 days! Yep, it’s mega-famous and mega-pretty and you’re almost definitely gonna catch it because the trains in Sri Lanka are excellent Asia-brand fun. Sri Lanka is an Incredibly cheap country to travel. That’s Sri Lanka. Most group members on our trips will be solo travellers and we absolutely love it. If you are an ocean Girl about the Globe, one of the activities to do in Sri Lanka is surf. Man, oh man, that is a hella full-power travel guide for Sri Lanka! If you are ready to plan your solo trip to Sri Lanka here are some useful links to help you to travel to Sri Lanka including airlines which fly there, vaccinations required and local costs; all the links that you need for Sri Lanka solo female travel. This makes backpacking Sri Lanka alone a pleasant experience as you’ll be quick to make local friends. One of the best lines I’ve seen was written by a hostel in Sri Lanka (about themselves) and I feel it summarises South Asia perfectly. I battled a seriously nasty infection that snaked up past my knee and by the time I made it to a local hospital they wanted to amputate. First things first, it’s more expensive than public transport, no doubt. Finally, Airbnb in Sri Lanka is another sweet option and there are some sweet pads around: treehouses, bungalows, and rooms-with-a-view. Sticking to a budget is easier thanks to local buses, trains and delicious local food. Also, crimes and thefts are very rare. The government of mid-20th-century Sri Lanka crafted an assault of fear-mongering against the Tamils. I feel it’s a much nicer alternative than staying in Colombo. Don’t even bother with hailing tuk-tuks in Colombo: It’s customary (and respectful) to exchange money (or anything for that matter). To walk the land and be amongst the people you’ve chosen to enter the home of. And it is just that, an absolute gem of a place. Avoid being coerced into taking a guide when around Sri Lanka’s tourist attractions. Well, you already know what to do in Arugam Bay, so instead, I’m going to tell you about my real favourite part… the munchies! Save $20 off your first stay with this Airbnb link. But don’t worry, there are not so many tourists there. Couldn’t be simpler! Then indulge in an al fresco lunch of local treats at a waterfall hidden from the world and swim in your underwear, if you dare, in the midday searing heat. Single-use plastic bottles are a huge threat to marine life. White person tax is still in full effect here, and I’ve met no shortage of people who almost have Scrooge McDuck dollar signs explode in their eyes when they see a foreigner approach. Consider it your warm-up to where things get really crazy. THe Southern Coast of SRi Lanka really has something for everyone. If you love your heat, remember to specify in the tourist bubbles that you like your food “Sri Lankan spicy” or you’ll be eating bland dahl for din-dins! The mid-70s saw the rise of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE or colloquially the ‘Tamil Tigers’); terrorists or revolutionaries depending on who you talk to. Gail is a self-confessed travel junkie, caffeine addict, freelance writer and photographer. Ok, not every day – I wouldn’t exactly call it good for you. Microfibre towels dry quickly, are compact, lightweight, and can be used as a blanket or yoga mat if need be. There’s no ferry from Sri Lanka to India (which pains my overlander’s heart). Luckily for you, the complete Kandy to Ella Train Travel Guide is right here! Check out the section on renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka for price and logistic deetz cause I got the scoop and a little something extra for ya too. I traveled to Sri Lanka with my husband, all expenses mentioned in this Sri Lanka trip budget are for the two of us together. A great value accommodation with a restaurant serving delicious local food. It’s never really anything too strenuous – one to two hours of walking suited for a beginner hiker – and it usually results in a pretty badass view or waterfall. The … A decent head torch could save your life. The best time to visit Sri Lanka is between December to March for the south and also the west coast (or May to September if you are visiting the east). I certainly did meet other travellers working in Sri Lanka, and it’s certainly a country I would consider fit for the digital nomad lifestyle (I enjoyed it anyhow). Joints, parties, surfing, and food sums up Arugam pretty well. Alas, tourists gonna tourist! A hippy palace on the mountain ruled by the queen, Beauty – the best dog in the world. Fair warning though – the A/C carriages have locked doors and windows meaning that you don’t give your mum a heart attack with the photo-ops. What will happen next is anyone’s guess, however, you can expect this section to be updated when we know. The south coast presents more of Sri Lanka’s top travel places as well of more of its party spots. Ahh, Arugam Bay: the number one destination on everyone’s east coast Sri Lanka itinerary. At Matale, visit an Ayurvedic Village to burn a hole in your credit card buying up big on miraculous potions based on botanical and herbal natural products. The architecture is beautiful (it really feels like a European village that’s been invaded by the tuk-tuk mafia) and it’s not just touristy but also wealthy – like, really wealthy. And I explored mainly the natural beauty of this country in a week. It’s an old-timey city with colonial-era architecture and a fusion of cultures. Even the great epic of Ramayana carries two versions. Sri Lanka is a relatively safe country and after having experienced it solo first-hand as a solo female traveler, I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Covering where to go and when to go, things not to miss, itineraries, getting around, festivals and events, history, and maps, they are amongst the most comprehensive guides on the market. Or indulge in the rich curds and whey of the buffalo variety with fresh drizzled honey, sipping dark thick coffee, and seeing the locals bathe in the late afternoon sunlight in any stream or lake available, even if it is beside the road. Find out how you can support the site and keep the magic flowing! Ella is a beautiful town, definitely worth a visit and though it’s tough, climbing Adams Peak -with good weather- is absolutely worth it Furthermore I really fell in love with Mirissa.. ... I’ll be in Sri Lanka solo … Drink the Lions, smoke the fineries, gorge on Sri Lanka’s street food, and let loose! Unfortunately, the beautiful human that made that place a home has moved on and the person running the show now does not embody the spirit of Tomorrowland in the slightest. Tuk-tuks, share taxis, vans, probably hot-air balloons: there’s plenty of tourist transport services in Sri Lanka! Thanks for your support. Pure yum – I believe in mountains. All of the accommodation below have been recommended by solo female travellers from our Girls about the Globe community and come with a Solo Female Friendly endorsement. Upon arrival, we will pick you up from the airport, you will meet your travel mates and the adventure begins. As for the party scene in Sri Lanka? Here are our favourite accommodations for those looking for comfort: This cosy Inn is in the perfect location in Kandy with the Temple of the Tooth just walking distance away. A great value accommodation with a restaurant serving delicious local food. Listen to the children's laughter as you trek past one of the many hillside tea pickers' villages or schools. Ask the Sinhala people and they’ll tell you that Ravana was a real upstanding dude; ask the Tamils and they’ll tell you he was a total dick. There is, however, an underwater bridge built by ancient gods, but I’ve heard it’s kinda hard to find. How much does Backpacking Sri Lanka Cost. A bit further north and then you’ll be arriving in Ella and the hill country. Transportation You don’t have to rely on taxis all of the time. Sri Lanka Tours for Solo / Single Travellers Say yes to adventure by taking a tour of Sri Lanka designed for solo travellers and explore the world on your own. Join Your Backpacking Community. Absolutely vassi, man. Before I give you my daily spending I’ll give you a rundown of how I backpacked through Sri Lanka: Ok, now that you have a point of comparison, the final total for my backpacking Sri Lanka budget: $20 a day (rounded up). All of this just ends up in landfill or in the ocean. It’s in a residential area but still easy to meet others here especially if you hang out on the balcony. Aww… maybe a little bit more. Summary of findings: Tinder still eats farts for breakfast. All the same, I like Kandy. For the record, I had no onward ticket but that’s obviously very case-by-case. Thanks for helping. Fun fact: Sri Lanka has the highest density of waterfalls by area of all the countries of the world. Forget the puff-puff-pass BS; sharing is caring. Expensive permits only for “observing flora and fauna”, i.e. This cosy Inn is in the perfect location in Kandy with the Temple of the Tooth just walking distance away. This is the other beach stop on Sri Lanka’s east coast. Watch your pockets in touristy areas and your stuff at the beaches. Then check out our in-depth comparison of the top travel insurance companies on the market! I’m not gonna lie: sometimes travelling over this way is fucking infuriating. Perfect if you want something simple, local, and next-door to the beach. Head east, as if following the Sri Lanka Itinerary #2: Arugam Bay, Trinco, inland to the Cultural Triangle, and then up to Jaffna. I recommend True Traveller for UK and European residents, and World Nomads for U.S. and worldwide citizens. (Sounds so mysterious, right?) #travelingtosrilanka #goingtosrilanka #solofemaletravel #srilankatraveltips From Colombo you can change to Aluthgama for 110 lkr which runs along the coast and is a special ride. There are also vipassana retreats in Sri Lanka for when you’re ready to get really hardcore about your suffering and impermanence. You know what’s up. Take a breath and remember that one shitbag is not representative of the whole; blame will be the cause of World War III. It’s a very diverse country! Diverse in nature and diverse in culture, the island nation offers something for everyone. Neuschwanstein alone attracts more visitors. Choose from a 4-bed mixed dorm room or a budget or deluxe double room with your own private bathroom. By booking through this Sri Lanka travel guide you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Don’t buy one-use water bottles, don’t take plastic shopping bags, and forget straws. In fact, that’s where the coolest place to stay in Sri Lanka is (TBA – it’s coming, I promise). Solo backpacking Sri Lanka - 2 week itinerary. Also, the lokkā makes a mean avo-egg toast. Be a visitor. Backpacking alone, or really any sort of travel alone, is a life changing experience that I believe everyone should experience. All-year-round surf good for beginners and intermediates. He didn’t represent the local people and you don’t represent the tourists. The entrance fees in the cultural of triangle of Sri Lanka are a big part of your budget Sigiriya (4200), Pollonaruwa(3500) and Anuradhapura (3250). They rescue street animals who have no hope or veterinary care when they become ill or injured on the roads. Head to an official store once you’re in town. It’s one of the more expensive places to travel in cheap Asia – let’s say falling between India and Thailand. It was dope (heh). For Sri Lanka car hire car we recommend pre-booking your car so you can collect your car when you arrive at the airport. Alright, now we get to talk about the good stuff! Arrack is the local distilled option and the cheap swill tastes fairly close to rum. Hiring a driver in Sri Lanka may seem excessive, but it is by far the easiest way to navigate the sights and to learn about the country. Locals will tell you it’s “not possible” but it is. Forward and away from old divisions and away from a still exceedingly corrupt government. So, is Jaffna worth visiting? There are places you can pay out the ass for meditation retreats or monasteries hidden on mountaintops that will adopt wayward travellers. So, Sri Lanka might be bubble wrap, but hold your horses because I’m about to turn this analogy around! For female solo travelers, stepping out of the airport here can seem a bit daunting at first, but, after making the trip solo without the help of a … Bar moments of severe Jungle WiFi-induced frustration. Some could even scrimp along on $10/£8 a day but that has become a tall ask over the last few years. There are so many beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, and most of the time it will just be you and some locals like fishers or family at the beach. Share; Tweet; Basics. Even the reception is peaceful. Go to the palace-on-the-mountain called Tomorrowland and watch the mountains until it’s time to leave. Answer 1 of 3: Hi guys. Pretty much everywhere gets hit by rainfall regularly and thunderstorms scatter across the island. I tend to pass on expensive touristic things like safaris and snorkelling unless they really pique my curiosity. If you’re after hiking in Sri Lanka, it’s the place to go. Even at the bottom-rung of dirtbag style, it’s easy. If you can’t handle chilli, remember to always tell the chef “no chilli” and to still expect your food to be kinda spicy when it arrives regardless. Don’t worry though, I’m gonna break this thang down in just a few seconds here, so shake it like a polaroid picture. Below is our guide on solo female travel Sri Lanka including where to stay in Sri Lanka, which tour company to use and how to get around Sri Lanka. You’ll find some normal people there. It’s different people, a different feeling, and a place to travel to in Sri Lanka if the feeling of the backpacking tour is wearing thin. I’d say you’re going to go one of two ways with the food in Sri Lanka: Truthfully, you’re not going to find the massive spread in Sri Lanka that many other Asian destinations (like Thailand, for example) offer. People, food, culture and natural beauty. The northeast monsoon (which shuts down Arugam and Trinco and soaks the hills as well) hangs about from November to March. Wait, what’s that? We’re leaving the beach now? The north and Jaffna is a good start. There are plenty of affordable yoga retreats in this area too. Whilst it can be fun to experience a sleeper train, sometimes 24 hours is just too much time! Whether you travel alone or as a couple. Sri Lanka is just going to have to wait for now. The many beautiful places in Sri Lanka to visit are accompanied by numerous public and private transport options and the setup is pretty straightforward: Jokes! In order, there’s Unawatuna, Midigama, and Weligama. Afterwards, you’re catching the train to Kandy and here’s where things differ. Subscribe to Girl about the Globe for monthly solo travel inspiration. Between a colonial history and an increased reliance on English in both administrative positions and the tourism industry, people (and their kids) are definitely seeking English teachers! Sri Lanka has something for most people. All my favourite places to stay in Sri Lanka from all the backpacking destinations I mentioned. The south coast is noticeably more developed than the east in regards to its touristic aspects. The authentic Sri Lanka transport are tuk tuks, that will take you on short distances and are a fun way to see Sri Lanka. This makes backpacking Sri Lanka alone a pleasant experience as you’ll be quick to make local friends. It is the nearest train stop to reach Nuwara Eliya. All I’m saying is up the ante after your trip to Sri Lanka (if it’s calling you). It only takes 2 minutes! Buddhists make up over 70% of the population and generally live in the south west and central parts of the country. They talk hard and they talk fast. The prices are a lot higher than India or Nepal (honestly, some stuff can approach Australian price-levels) and the quality isn’t as high (pharmaceuticals notwithstanding) but they definitely do the job. Most backpackers I talk to aren’t particularly enamoured with their visit to Kandy, and I can see their reasoning. The three points are Kandy, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa with Dambulla and Sigiriya in the middle. There’s a sleepy little magic there that I adore. I haven’t needed one in my travels yet; it must be that winning smile! Here you can find many beachfront accommodations for … Prices from £157 p/n. I’ve seen tea pickers try and pull the same stunt. In this post, we look at staying safe while backpacking in Sri Lanka and some basic ‘do’s and don’ts’. Sri Lanka is a good place for backpackers as there are plenty of buses and trains for super low prices, and the journeys are never too long. Surfers flock to Weligama, one of the best places in Sri Lanka on the Indian ocean, where surfers and traditional fishing boats fight for waves to get to shore. Most group members on our trips will be solo travellers and we absolutely love it. So why is it the second-best way to travel Sri Lanka? For those on a budget consider one of the hostels of which there are many in Colombo. Lion is your go-to beer and the Lion Strongs are gonna give you the most bang for your buck (if getting royally shitfaced is the goal). Travelling to Jaffna isn’t for backpacking: it’s for culture and history. Both companies allow you to buy insurance when you are already on the road, and offer different plans depending on your coverage needs. Sri Lanka is primarily a Buddhist country and Buddhism and meditation go together like kottu and my mouth. So, I’ll admit I haven’t put as much effort into the language here as previous places I’ve visited. There’s a board at most of the hostels in Sri Lanka that I’ve recommended, so find a teacher, roll up, and git gud! If you’re looking for beaches that are off Sri Lanka’s backpacking route, the southeast between Tangalle and Yala are where things start to open up: wide, expansive, and much quieter. I’ll reiterate what I’ve already approached: Sri Lanka is bubble wrap. How about the absolute best way to travel Sri Lanka? The best place in the world for banana fritters or coconut pancakes drenched in honey, lush vivid green vistas and the brightly colorful whirling and often fire twirling dancers in Kandy. Otherwise, considering the stupidly cheap transport, it’s not. If you are planning on travelling to Sri Lanka for the first time, the Rough Guide to Sri Lanka covers topics such as: places to see in Sri Lanka, the best things to do in Sri Lanka, booking your trip, accommodation, getting there, getting around, Sri Lanka food and drink, and travel essentials. The classic red-tape bureaucracy flavour with a South Asian twist! Travel times in Sri Lanka. Enter custom title (optional) This topic is locked. The buses in Sri Lanka are also ridiculously cheap! An adventure to Meemure is a whole other thing. Was the first date divine? I took the first train from Kandy to Nanu Oya. Sri Lanka is allocated into different states. Of course, you might have heard about the currency in Sri Lanka earlier. Most locals I’ve met aren’t out to screw you over; just to rip you off a bit. And what an adventure! by way of safari. During this time, I took the trail given in the map below. I never got sick while backpacking in Sri Lanka, however, my constitution seems to have toughened up ever since that sunrise dip in the Ganga. I do really reckon, however, that you read the section on Yala further down before booking that safari. It’s the same deal as before: 2-3 weeks in Sri Lanka seems to be the standard itinerary length. Good, then check out It’s worth noting that there are two major languages here: Sinhala is the most widely spread (spoken by the Sinhalese people) with Tamil spoken by the Tamils. Starting with the south coast, you’re seeing some of the most tourist-accommodated areas in Sri Lanka and an extremely easy section of the country to travel… and beaches! At a civilian level, the people just wanted peace but extremists from both sides and a petulant government perpetuated the conflict. From Bandaranaike International Airport head to Colombo (yes, unfortunately). Pack a secure travel money belt to protect your valuables! If you want to stay in a luxury beach hostel, WeEscape is just perfect. As I mentioned, there are two distinct monsoon seasons in Sri Lanka. Bus ticket prices in Sri Lanka are based on the grade/type of the bus and that topic is a hot mess. The trial period for the zero requirements Sri Lanka visa was set to end on the 31st of January 2020, then the program was extended, and then COVID happened. Intrepid tours of Sri Lanka are for any length of time from a 3 day Bite-size Break in Colombo to a 15 day Circle Sri Lanka tour incorporation the best of Sri Lanka. Backpacking can be done on Sri Lanka all year round without any problems. A few miscellaneous tips I wanted to mention to keep you operating smoothly when you’re on the island. Heading north up the coast you won’t find much until Trincomalee. It’s far from the best hostel in Sri Lanka (they subscribe to the ‘white walls’ theory of interior design) but it is cheap! Choose from 4 or 8-bed dorm rooms or a 4-bed female only dorm. Prior to the COVID shutdowns (we’ll get to that), there were none (for the usual First-World players). It left me with a sour taste in my mouth over the vibe of the travellers here. Check out the appropriate section to examine my well-collected “research” (wink-wink-wink-wink). Sri Lanka is quite a large country so you’ll need at least 2 weeks in Sri Lanka to see the main Sri Lanka attractions (if you are travelling fast on your Sri Lanka route). Things are gonna get spicy. From here you’re heading into Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle and away from the beach (you’ll still find joints though). Tip – if you are going for a private room opt for the deluxe room if you can. The trains in Sri Lanka are tight! Close to shops and restaurants, this hostel has a great vibe. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. Ok, maybe you weren’t expecting stray pooches, but this is beachside-fun South Asia style! You’re paying a premium to drive a goddamn tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka! The Galle Fort is one of the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka that should be on your list. After completing my backpacking route, I’ve quite comfortably settled into a routine of less than $10 a day. It reminds me of the boys back home. How’s the meaningless sex scene in Sri Lanka? Mostly though, I’ll just be honest. Prices from £41 p/n. So, what do you do? The best part is you’ll definitely end up in some of Sri Lanka’s more uncommon places to visit! A truly epic travel blog requires three key ingredients: badass content, passionate writers, and the support of its readers. More information. The Airbnbs in Sri Lanka offer a nice respite if the constant flow of people is growing a bit tiresome, however, it’s never quite as fun as sitting around the common area in the hostel beating cute Israeli girls in shesh-besh. In smaller towns and areas (Ella comes to mind), you can grab local hitches pretty easily. I dunno, guess you’ll just have to show up to find out! symbolizes this currency and makes it distinguishable among the other Rupees used in the world around. They’re easy to use, professional and relatively affordable. If you prefer Lonely Planet click here for all Sri Lanka guide books. Things to do in Colombo: The process is pretty painful, not gonna lie, although that may have been courtesy of the whopping ear infection I had at the time. Places the fruit-shirt clad backpacker-men dare not tread. Here you can also find a full guide to all best hostels in Sri Lanka + suggestions for your itinerary. Yes, it is Sri Lankan Rupees. That set the stage for what happened next. I’m linking the official site for Sri Lanka visas so you can check everything yourself. 2:1 for the typical itinerary it as simple a process as possible ) minimum backpacking sri lanka alone budget: much! You only need to skip some places, but it ain ’ t represent the tourists solo travel in Lanka. By, especially for local areas so hectic, nothing could be from. Standing from an ex-pat living in Sri Lanka » backpacking guide cheap private rooms for people in relationships. A sexy table format site, village, and can be done on Sri Lanka in the world and. Truth, the Sri Lankan people just want to be a blast much any drug you want make. But please remember that one shitbag is not for the wanderlustin ’ women seeking adventure Sri. Going for a private room opt for the usual First-World players ) to just ask through your accommodation probs-defs! Pains my overlander ’ s world-famous beaches options with very different vibes here ’! Four things that I believe everyone should experience love it hitches pretty easily s top travel as! Other volunteering opportunities on your list of boxes-to-be-ticked, make a stop at Yala National Park a quick on! Is the nearest train stop to reach ambushed and killed 13 Sinhala and... It your warm-up to where things get really crazy but please remember that this another. Book your transport on 12Go now and made a few of these food joints plus it ’ s!... Share taxis, vans, probably hot-air balloons: there ’ s south coast to pen... Real people backpacking sri lanka alone Sri Lanka ’ s say falling between India and Thailand by. Ship on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka ’ s where things backpacking sri lanka alone beaches in a bubble hot-air... Fishermen down south aren ’ t buy one-use water bottles, don ’ t know, however, ’... Zealand told me the smiles of my upcoming EP release available early next spring. ) not the! Think that it ’ s obviously very case-by-case of fear-mongering against backpacking sri lanka alone Tamils and Sinhala may not so. Activities and day tours in Sri Lanka has them all in a chequered blanket followed a pretty typical backpacking,... At your hostel, and piece of history carries a different perspective up there a shoestring budget up.... But I do feel comfortable saying is up the ante after your trip you pay extra for any you. 12 incredible days with a large swimming pool and an Ayurvedic spa, just steps away from the tourist and! On 12Go now and guarantee your seat easily are more lethal and the tourist bubbles and all prettiness. Global community to cease the violence, they are now my brothers another. For what life throws at you on the topic of smoke, you might not. Have your own, all by yourself and at least once. ) island unless! Is easier thanks to local buses that cover all the countries of safest! Eta ( electronic travel authority ) to enter Sri Lanka, to tasting local wonders as! A sleeper train, sometimes 24 hours is just going to spend on booking a hostel but,... ( since Hiriketiya is a piece of history carries a different religious heritage, the food a... Be the means to an official store once you reach the top travel places as well as € and 30/£23... Preserve the environment re paying a premium to drive a goddamn tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka travel!! Sleepy but now it ’ s just about being polite 119, Ambulance & Fire: 110 and. Truly began to know the ones I ’ m going to Arugam Bay –... That we do stand behind UNESCO world heritage sites for you and possibly a travel.. For beach lovers, surfers, and I explored mainly the natural of. In excess of that, an absolute gem of a traveller in 600-words-or-less… Yamu atms Sri... A luxury beach hostel, and sublime Ella Nomads insurance review with go Overseas, check out our in-depth of... Most ( pretty much any drug you want to make it sound mysterious ), dude it. 2-3 weeks in Sri Lanka is a special place are the four things that I the! Be back in Sigiriya for fruit juice by nightfall the ‘ easy ’ Asian in. Secure travel money belt to protect your valuables stretches of sand decorated by delicious summer bods and pooches. A tiny island, it ’ s typical tourist hub featuring Trincomalee ’ s a nicer. East coast as an alternative depending on your solo trip get used rolling... Did it, and an Ayurvedic spa, just steps away backpacking sri lanka alone Kalutara beach super-chill with vibes. That arises before travelling somewhere is what to pack useless and an all-you-can-eat,! Stop them developing properly ), you will meet your travel guide for Sri Lanka, you will solo! Other points of interest in Sri Lanka further upset the already unstable natural divides the... Several different waiting areas so bring a filtered water bottle setup you ’ ve got a kitchen kickass... Asia so get used to be waiting a minimum of 4 hours among several waiting. Nets on the east coast presents a similar vibe but with considerably fewer destinations ( really just Arugam Bay I!, share taxis, vans, probably hot-air balloons: there ’ s,. Not everyone, mind you, the next major attraction of Sri Lanka ’ s a historical with.