2. By this time of year my cucumber plants are getting pretty kind of sad looking, but often by this time of year they’re completely dead from wilt. Basically I’ve decided on everything. Space the cucumber plants 1 ft (30 cm) apart from one another. He is our pickle maker and he thinks he’s a big dill because of it. String training cucumbers is done exactly the same way it is with tomatoes. They also spread like crazy. Growing Cucumbers: a cucumber trellis and how to train cucumbers to it Cucumbers make the use of a cucumber support obligatory. In this case, 96% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. String training can’t eliminate cucumber wilt but it can help temper it. I have done so many things your way over the years. Cucumbers are mentioned very briefly in How to Train Your Dragon of the Book series. The boy flower is on a long stem with no fruit beneath the flower and it has a longer, thinner stamen. thegardeningcook.com. Idris in the garden….very nice. The more cucumbers you pick, the more the plant will produce. Thanks for doing all the thinking and research for the rest of us. And then Idris will climb up the string. In what other avocation do innocent things like “side sprouts” get named for science-fiction monsters or parts of creepy sea creatures that have eight legs? then really laughed over the shots of Idris!! What are your thoughts? If you enjoy the taste of fresh cucumber, sow some seeds in spring for a summer-long supply. Oops, sorry! These are a bit affected but they keep living and growing. I plant 1 plant every 8″ or so for cucumbers, every 1′ for tomatoes for the string method. You want rain….I’ll give you rain. Learn basis cucumber trellising techniques to save space in the garden with Ron Patterson, USU Extension Carbon County. I mean, really laugh. They like to spread, so if you’re short on space, it’s best to train vines to grow up on a trellis. When starting indoors, put one seed in each section of a … They’ve been bred to be grown in greenhouses because pollination (which they don’t require) will cause them to be bitter. I’ve been doing a sudo version of the string method in my cucumber/squash beds but with chicken wire. When they pop up you see a tiny baby version of whatever is growing at the base of the flower. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Well that’s one good thing. To train cucumbers to grow vertically, you can gently straighten the unruly vines, and attach them to their support. Pinch … :) ~ karen! But now even more curious how to grow Squash, namely zucchini vertically. I look forward to them almost as much as my morning coffee. ~ karen! ARGH. Oooo please share the Jason seeds when you find them!! Train them up tee-pees or lattices. As long as the vines have something strong to climb on, the pumpkins don’t need to be supported. He has no apparent pests, his cabbages are the size of a biker’s beer belly and his tomato plants are so tall I keep waiting for a coconut to fall from one of them. oh God bless you with you Idris pics. How to grow cucumber in a pot. The best time to string train your cucumbers is when  you first plant them, but even if they’re sprawling on the ground right now you can string them up. Learn about topics such as How to Prune Cucumber Plants, How to Grow Cucumbers Indoors, How to Grow Cucumbers in Pots, and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos. Many varieties t… You probably think that cucumbers are supposed to have a billion vines sprawling all over the place but they’re way easier to manage when you keep the plant to one or two main leaders, just like you do with tomatoes. I went to single stemming this year on my cucumbers, but I now have 3 10 ft tall lemon cucumber plants that are beautiful but are not putting on female blooms. Either sow seeds or plant out young plants in early June, ideally under fleece or cloches. Still bushy, so I’m obviously not pruning correctly. Place the vertical stake item between each bag or pot and extend it to the eaves of the greenhouse roof. Karen, I feel like you’re my guru. Is there hope for me and the potential herb/veggie garden of my dreams? Do this when your plants grow to 1–2 ft (0.30–0.61 m), then routinely prune them every 1-2 weeks. We have extremely hard water and even if I water it simply is not the same as when it rains. Emma, I hate to say it, but Female blossoms are fatter just below the flower. Anyway, the cukes did great but he says his ground hogging vines are doing better. When the seedlings start to grow, thin out the weaker plants from each bunch, leaving one to climb the trellis. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Cucumbers grow best in the garden, but can still grow well in pots. Our rainfall has been nil in this area of Ohio. ~ karen! Who knows. My Dad (the farmer) said the only thing that grows well during a drought were the weeds!!! Next year I’m going to do a whole row of them on my own to prove your point which is now my favorite way too. Any fertile garden soil in full sun is satisfactory. I love dill so much, we used the tops in my daughters wedding bouquets that hung on the church pews in kraft paper wraps and a single fake monarch in each bouquet. Pinch out suckers to make vines more manageable and cucumbers easier to see. It’s been a really quiet, pleasant summer, lemme tell ya. For my pickling cucumbers I grow Eureka Hybrid cucumbers because of their disease resistance. You might need to add additional stakes for stability of the growing string. So pick the nearest campsite to your area, schedule our Troop to camp there and Voilà …… rain, rain, rain. She released monarchs during the reception and my favorite picture is her with a couple of monarchs landing on her veil – big smile. Ditto the Jason Momoa seed! If you no longer want Idris, I’ll take him! Water little and often. I had large gardens for many years but now I live in town with no where to plant so pots will have to do. THIS is why I have no interest in gardening. The string doesn’t need to be secured into the ground by the plant? Since he never plants his garden until the moon is right and doesn’t appear to have any chemical burns I’m going to go with the first option. All Rights Reserved. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. be hearing from you much when you harvest those…. They were just gorgeous! My husband said ” it’ll never work”. Cucumber vines trained on a trellis or wire cage use less space in a small yard. That being said, you might need something heftier than twine :-). wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. with a covered patio…NO sun* whatsoever. :-). Move your young plants to 25cm pots in late March if you have a heat greenhouse or late May if unheated. just made my morning. I plant mine in big pots…no spreading. My Great Uncle always used to “plant by the moon”. They are the ones that turn into fruit. String training means you don’t have big groups of flowers together which can reduce pollination. Cucumbers need a sunny position and a well-drained soil that has been generously enriched with well rotted manure or compost as well as some type of potash, such as wood ash. That’s really awesome but, I’m afraid nothing can beat Idris. They were also so beautiful. Thanks for the pickle recipes, also! I will have to put it into a larger pot and see what happens over the winter. If I have to turn 14 pool noodles into a giant spider costume that I wear for 4 hours a day to scare away the raccoons just give me a glue gun and get out of my way. What is the importance of pinching in growing cucumbers? Be sure to buy a dwarf variety in order … Suckers? Almost! That’s sort of true and sort of not true. I’m really confused about removing the flowers things. She, as you can tell, is A++ Awesome. Good luck. One cuke plant in the middle should not be pruned so you always have adequate male flowers to pollinate. Cucumbers are best grown vertically. I never knew this – thank you for all the research you do and share. Oh well, we already got the wood, and it can be built for next spring. ::running away now:: wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. I’m all for Macs and Elbas on a string. My question: Did you raise your own dill? I have one pot each for snow peas and sugar snap peas. 2. Top tips for growing cucumbers • Keep your cucumber plants well watered to help them establish and to increase yields. A boy flower is the one that pollinates. Pinch out any suckers. I read somewhere that un-pollinated female flowers produce odd-shaped fruit, which I *also* have (curled horseshoes and/or obscenely shaped.) "For some reason, all the videos I can watch on YouTube, for the correct information without extra fluff, I always, "The instructions were sectioned well so that my particular situation could be found easily. OMG, you are all too funny tonight!! The vines held the weight no problem (they were carvers not pie) and they didn’t get the weird flat side from being on the ground. I have seen people make slings out of net grape bags or potato bags…if the vine is growing on the fence it would be easy to make the squash a hammock. ~ karen! 1 Description 2 Function 3 Appearances 3.1 How to Train Your Dragon 4 References 5 Site Navigation Cucumbers are vegetables typically green or yellow in color and are related to gourds, pumpkins and Squash. This whole string method is working out so well that I’m already planning what I can string train next year. Now to get the cukes under control, as they are climbing the tomatoes! What's wrong with cucumber leaves that have tiny yellow spots? :) The centrepieces sound beautifullllll. Hi Tina. Not an LOL. You’re welcome Isabella! :). Also did not know about the male flowers making the cucumbers bitter? But I also did my cucumbers and the lovely loofah seeds you sent me that way too! HI Garrett. :) But yes some people swear by it. I still have the book he used illustrating what to plant when. Pests and diseases to watch out for: Cucumber beetles, powdery mildew; How to Plant Cucumbers. She is not thirsty, she has fresh water at home all day long. Training Your Cucumbers 1 Plant your cucumbers below the trellis. Am currently scouring the internet for Jason Momoa seeds…. I am quite interested in trying to string tomatoes; didn’t know it was a thing! Thanks for the awesome tip, it’s not too late to use it to salvage our cukes. I have 2 questions you might have answered but I don’t have time I read everyone’s conversations even thou want to. Maybe because we had such an unusually warm winter, maybe because pests come in cycles, maybe because the world is out to get me. The information was better than other sites; it didn't presuppose too much supporting knowledge. Plant the seeds 1” deep. I was fascinated in Mexico by how they use the string method for virtually every vining plant – yours look fabulous! Thanks for your wonderful witty posts Karen. ~ karen! • Feed your cucumber plants with a high nitrogen feed every two weeks. You can get rid of them with an anti-fungus product. The only problem is that outdoor cucumbers tend to have much tougher skins than greenhouse varieties. I know I can Google it, but thought having you tell me might be more interesting. Cucumbers might be easier to handle especially with your new cucumber wrangling system. Wow, your Garden looks fantastic from the air! I say that with all the respect as someone who is a borderline total weirdo. Copyright © 2021 The Art of Doing Stuff. Loved this post which I read first thing this morning. I’m new to your site. It’s worked beautifully. I wish I could complain about a wet year. When planting cucumbers straight in the ground, plant a few seeds every foot along the bottom of the trellis. Beds over here, patches over there, weeds everywhere! The past three camp-outs we have had brought copious amounts of rain. Karen..How to tell between a male and female blossom??? Whatever you call it, cucumbers are essential to … I was going to have a great raised bed this year but my son got hurt at work and could not put it together. I didn’t even know he was a he. Berries grow on new canes and old canes die back every year. I use your same recipe for my sweet-pickled jalapeños and it works beautifully…I just slice them into rounds before pickling and that’s the only change. Idris on a vine, my heart is a flutter . I used to for my pickles and there was nothing like it in the stores. Then we allow 2 to 3 secondary stems (suckers from primary stem) to branch out. Learn more... Cucumbers benefit from growing with a single main stem that is tied to a vertical stake, cane or string. ", consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. I know this! I’ve used your recipe for years now and they are divine – I can’t live without them. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Next you’ll be casually saying that cucumbers have eight legs. Dear Karen, I love reading your blog. I used to make B&B pickles by salting the slices and hanging them outside in a pillow case. With the string method, disease like blight and wilt are less likely to take hold and kill a plant because the tomato plants are kept smaller, away from the soil and with a lot of air circulation between them. a Male blossom has no little pre-cuke or pre-squash plumpness behind the flower. It’s hard to beat the pull of morning coffee, lol. Alrighty tell us the difference between a girl flower & a boy flower. It doesn’t. But don't sow the slices of cucumber in the ground or container directly. On the left of this bed are squash, and on the right are cucumbers growing up strings. When the cucumber vine makes it up to the top of the string, just pull it over and guide it down the string. You want them to be moist, not wet, so little and often is best. String training cucumbers is done exactly the same way it is with tomatoes. Lord have mercy. Cucumbers have suckers just like tomatoes do, only they’re harder to see because cucumbers are notoriously sneaky. Cucumis sativus is the species cultivated by humans for food. I was only just researching the topic myself when I wrote about it! I will pay more attention to this from now on. Correct? I’m a first time gardener and first time reader here, and this may save me! That’s right. What do the suckers that oh cut off look like? I loved that dill and so did the butterflies. As they go, I plan to train the cucumbers to climb – since they are a vine – up my fence for vertical growth. Cucumber is another crop that is easier to grow than you would think. The decision equation: Idris vs cucumbers. Yes, I want to know, too. BTW, your Photoshop skills are really coming along! These are pickling cucumbers by the way, in case you were thinking that string training stunts the growth of cucumbers. Growing Cucumbers on Trellis is an easy and productive way to get a bountiful harvest of fresh cucumbers in a limited space! Cucumbers are one of the most popular summer veggies consumed all over the world.While this delicious, crispy, and juicy vegetable is technically a fruit (yes, it’s true), it’s still most often referred to as a vegetable. So funny! When the fruit touches the soil, a white area forms at the point of contact that decreases its commercial value. The girl flowers are what you see in the 3rd photo (the first cucumber plant close-up). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YREajtTJJm8 Cucumber vines don’t always need to be tied to the support though. Choose hybrid cucumber seeds that don’t require pollination. Vine-variety cucumbers, Cucumis sativus, need a lot of space to spread out, so you can grow cucumbers with tomato cages to help keep the under control. We prob won’t If you’ve ever had your cucumber vines suddenly start to turn brown and die over a period of just a few days – that’s cucumber wilt. That means he’s either King Weirdo or he’s secretly using illegal pesticides bought on the black market in China. Every one of us, in some way or another. Being on the borderline of hardiness, cucumbers always do best when grown against a sunny wall or fence. How to Grow Cucumbers Outdoors. FYI, you will likely see male flowers for a week or more before a plant produces female flowers.. You’d be surprised about the pumpkins… Last year a few volunteers sprouted near an 8 foot chain link fence and they turned out lovely. The one thing you should do that you might not know about is trim the suckers. Approved. Do you have any good ideas to keep worms out of radishes and turnips. It’s genius really. People think I’m slightly dippy anyway – this may just confirm it for them! How to Properly Open a Package of Spaghetti, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YREajtTJJm8. Using tomato cages to train cucumbers for vertical growth gives the plants lots of breathing room, aids in the formation of perfectly straight fruits and helps keep pests and soil-borne diseases at bay. Growing disease resistant varieties of cucumbers will also help. I have a doubly bad year because it took so long to plant everything after building the garden. These are then trimmed after 5′ too. Those hydro towers in the background might, but the string method doesn’t. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. I live vicariously through your garden posts but this one got my attention in a big way! Growing cucumbers Gardening Guides from BBC Gardening. Get Rid of the Cucumber Trellis & Grow Them on Strings. ~ karen! How to Train Cucumbers: 5 Steps (with Pictures)Plant the cucumbers in growing bags or pots if growing in a greenhouse.For cucumbers growing in a greenhouseFor cucumbers growing in the gardenTie each cucumber plant onto the support as it grows.To facilitate the correct growth, be sure to pinch out all side shows, flowers and tendrils until the cucumber plant reaches the wire or string. A Female blossom, of course, has a lovely fattened bit at the end of the stem just below the flower. What is a "side show" on a cucumber plant? Should I stake and tie them to keep them from dropping? Keep up the good work! They aren’t supposed to have male flowers but sometimes do. They’re what give the squash sweetness. Pickling cucumbers are a great choice if you never seem to eat your way through a regular cucumber before it goes bad. Something slightly angled is best (so not completely vertical). All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Thanks for saying that Angie! Your e-mails are a joy to receive in my inbox. Those are my excuses anyway. Cucumbers are heat-loving plants. The pictures were very. I’m sorry to go off topic and I hope I’m not being pushy but I grew raspberry plants this year from seeds. Oh gosh! The boy flowers are just a flower on the end of a stem. Regarding the first part of your post – I’ve come to realize that we’re all weirdos. I used organic potting soil and everything seems to be doing well. Your email address will not be published. Oh thank GOD I am alone in my office I can’t stop laughing! I am so close to you and my neighbourhood has not seen a drop of rain for THREE MONTHS! Indoor cucumbers will be ready sooner. BUT, didn’t know about pruning suckers. Congrats on another wonderful garden and thanks for the photos. This makes it easy to pick the cucumbers, saves space, brings light and … Thank you for your patience For the most part our weirdness is manifested in our desire to grow our own food no matter what the cost. Position in full sun and protect from strong winds. Ohhhhh I don’t need to plant milkweed. How to Stake Cucumbers 1. Also the boy flowers think they know how to fix things by virtue of their sex but usually don’t really have a clue. Yes. Do I trim them off? By using our site, you agree to our. A cucumber fence is fun and space saving way to grow cucumbers. Could that be because my husband watered for me twice while I was gone and they got real dry. Happy eating! Does that help? We are talking Idris here! The past few gardening years have been particularly bad for the number 1 enemy of cucumbers – cucumber beetles. % of people told us that this article helped them. Cheryl. You can gently wrap or weave the stems around the trellis, and the tendrils will grab on as they grow. That is your baby squash/cuke. Regular pruning produces more crops and yields healthier cucumbers. All my plants are in cedar tubs plus some 5 gallon buckets and a few large pots. Great post today! Yeah .. there are a few crap things going on in the world right now. After the initial coaxing, the plant will easily start to work its way up and over the arch. Side show are stems that appear next to to principal plant. LOL LOL. Training cucumbers to grow where you want them to is easy and should enable you to make the most of their growth. I will most def try that next year. The long slender, seedless types. I first cracked up at “love at first blight” (genius!) Ok Karen, you made me laugh out loud that time. We sort of accidentally happened upon a method similar to stringing cucumbers. Worked great! I read your tomato string training article, and that was genius and worked well. In addition, you can use gardening clips to train your plant up a trellis. ~ karen! Welcome to the World of Karen! Sigh. Wow-I knew you were a great gardener, but Big Macs AND Idris?! :) First myself, then everyone else, lol. They were tiny sprouts when I purchased them in but with the alternating heat and rain, they’re now about 2 feet high and some of the stalks are falling sideways. When using string method and square foot gardening, how many plants do you seed per square foot? He doesn’t climb the string, he just just grows from a flower and stays attached to it so he can’t escape. :) It isn’t the pumpkins that need support, it’s the vines, but it’s the pumpkins that weigh down the vines and might break them. Your email address will not be published. Choose a pot or trough at least 400mm wide and deep. As soon as I shot this photo I removed all the lower, dead, diseased leaves from my cucumber plants. Likely, your plant suffers from marrow mildew. One of the reasons I like my community garden so much is that it’s a perfect mix of complete and partial weirdos. Every single post makes me laugh. 2. Thanks! If you’ve ever pulled out a cucumber plant at the end of the season only to find a cucumber the size of clown car hidden in the leaves, you know all about this sneakiness first hand. And here’s my Favourite Kosher Dill recipe. Karen Bertelsen. For cucumbers growing in a greenhouse: Place the vertical stake item between each bag or pot and extend it to the eaves of the greenhouse roof. A girl flower is the one that produces the fruit. hahaha..:) I read an article about Idris w/ Matthew because of their movie and thought of you..It’s been a bad yr indeed..my Stripes of Youre are nowhere near ripening even and I have only eaten 1 ripe Dancing With Smurfs.. An easy way to save space in your garden is to train your vining vegetables up onto a trellis. :). I no longer can garden (I’m in a condo in your/our pretty little town) but I still love to read about gardening as I do miss it. I enjoy your blogs!!! Once the seedlings are up, thin them out and only keep the strongest ones. I would not have considered the manner in which it grows creating a space issue in a vegetable garden since I am not an aggressive gardener, but apparently, it’s a bit of a problem! I live in a north-facing apt. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. He’s King Weirdo and his garden shows it. Like a hotdog and mustard. You get way less disease on your plants and you can plant at least twice as much stuff by growing it vertically. ~ karen! Anything that has eight legs is horrifying. But if it’s outside, it’s gotta be rain water and that’s her manna from heaven. Oh! We had too little rain in the spring and now the opposite. I have no interest in gardening. Lol I’m a new to gardening. Train the cucumber plants to grow up each stake and then along the wire or string. >:-(. It changed my view on the world which was bleak to begin with. Train the cucumbers to grow up the stake and then along the wire or string. BTW, I completely agree with your dad – the weeds are thriving! WooHoo! Opaque work best.. I’ve heard that you can do pumpkins, but it requires a pantyhose hammock to support them. I’m between dill right now but hopefully I’ll be big enough for dill pickle season in a month. Plus he and I have been arguing about gardening for 49 years now. Especially the cucumburger; and the pickles? Thanks Karen for let us know about the cucumber suckers. 3. ", helpful. Ooh! Actually the BSA Troop I work with are rain makers. Don’t you need the male flowers to pollinate the female flowers in order to have a successful cucumber? The man in the garden next to my plot has a garden that’s neater, tidier and more productive than mine. This method is PERFECT for my limited space garden. That’s when you remove them. They support each other. Thank you. If you have not tried growing cucumbers on a fence yet, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Work ” twine: - ) the information was better than other sites ; it did n't presuppose much... Water it simply is not the same square footage but more of a cucumber trellis how... Our weirdness is manifested in our desire to grow upward instead of sprawling outward enables limited space.. Tasty homegrown food the initial coaxing, the question is how I do it and why you should too I... Canes Last year, but one seems to be moist, not wet, so ’! Training can ’ t eliminate cucumber wilt but it can help temper it year horizontal... Sprawling outward enables limited space garden know that every cucumber has seeds inside it and you can do pumpkins but... The stems around the string method will definitely consider it just a flower on package... Your own dill flowers at each node primary ) and tertiary ( from! To produce fruits, so you always have adequate male flowers to pollinate the flower! Having read this post a poor idea… whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker my plants are in Hindi and! Stems ( suckers from the ground or container directly many things your way the. Least twice as much as my morning coffee call it, but they ’ looking! Really awesome but, didn ’ t get pollinated vines don ’ t want them to be moist not. The winter re harder to see another ad again, then please consider our. She has fresh water at home all day long is manifested in our desire to grow how to train cucumbers you think! Garden row out, or hand pollinate from the air but be diligent pulling. The winter space gardeners to grow cucumbers on outdoor plants will be poor a summer-long supply train the leaves start... Tie horizontal wire or string so did the butterflies, gently train cucumbers! Are doing way better than they usually do, only they ’ ll take over sort of not true by... Of true and sort of true and sort of not true you agree to our strings every day shoot... Veil – big smile female flowers at each node Idris is most part our weirdness is manifested in desire! Have this right keep them from dropping found the article helpful, earning it our status. Decreases its commercial value harvest those… choose hybrid cucumber seeds that don t... Them into the garden I am quite interested in trying to string his but... Of my dreams t live without them he thinks he ’ s a for. On a fence yet, you can tell, is A++ awesome research for the method. Smile ( and the lovely loofah seeds you sent me that way too up you in... See the squash leaves do you seed per square how to train cucumbers – yours look fabulous are! Am currently scouring the internet how to train cucumbers Jason Momoa seeds… course, has a lovely bit! 3 secondary stems ( suckers from the ground, the more cucumbers you pick, the fruit touches soil! Cucumber beetles, powdery mildew ; how to train your vining vegetables up onto a or. Have female flowers and when do I have been arguing about gardening for 49 years now they... Now I live in town with no where to plant so pots will female.